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Terms of Service

ver. 5.0 (2021)

I. General provisions; Type of use permitted:

A. Please read the following terms and conditions relating to your use of this site and the products and services provided hereunder carefully. By 
  • using this site, 
  • purchasing any products or services from [Limitless Media Group] (“Company”) or
  • utilizing any of the products or services from Company through this site, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. 
B. We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time. When modified we will notify you. You should check these terms periodically for changes. 
  • By using this site after we post any changes to these terms and conditions, you agree to accept those changes, whether or not you have reviewed them.
C. If at any time you choose not to accept these terms and conditions of use, do not use this site.
D. Company grants you (“Customer”) a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and view the courses and associated content for which you have paid all required fees, solely for your personal, non-commercial, educational purposes through the services, in accordance with these terms and any conditions or restrictions associated with a particular courses or feature of our services. all other uses are expressly prohibited. 
E. We generally give a lifetime access license to our students when they enroll in a course. However, we reserve the right to revoke any license to access and use courses at any point in time in the event where we decide or are obligated to disable access to a course due to legal or policy reasons. The lifetime access is not applicable to add-on features and services associated with a course, for example translation captions of courses may be disabled at any time, and Company may decide at any time to no longer provide teaching assistance or q&a services in association with a course. To be clear: lifetime access is for the course content but not to the instructor.
F. Scope: These terms & conditions apply to your use of all websites at our web portal, as well as any of their sub-domains. 
G. Installment Plan: By using our products or providing your credit card, and other information, you (“Customer”) agree to these terms and conditions, and if you are selecting the installment payment plan, you are agreeing to allow us to charge your card for the proper installments. Installment plans are not subscription plans, but an obligation to pay the full amount during a fixed term.

II. Product/Service License Agreement:

A. By accepting delivery and/or access of any product or service delivered from Company, viewing such products, or otherwise using such products or services, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined throughout this Agreement and described in more detail here.
B. Customer and Company agree that these terms and conditions are the exclusive terms governing the sales transaction between you and the Company. 
C. Any attempt to alter, supplement, modify or amend these terms and conditions by the Customer will be considered a material alteration of this Agreement and, therefore, are null and void. 

III. Restrictions On Use: 

A. Don’t misuse any information provided to you on the course website, or in any forum group, and any other system, existing or yet to be developed. 
B. The content in the training modules are protected by copyright and trademark law, and is all property of the owner of such content unless expressly stated otherwise. 
C. You, and only you, may access the material. 
D. You may not modify, copy, publish, display, transmit, adapt or in any way exploit the content of the modules, or other information not publicly shared outside of the group in any way except the intended use, specified in this section, unless you receive prior written permission from Company, or other owners, to do so.
E. You may not reproduce, redistribute, transmit, assign, sell, broadcast, rent, share, lend, modify, adapt, edit, create derivative works of, sublicense, or otherwise transfer or use any course unless we give you explicit permission to do so in a written agreement signed by a Company authorized representative. This also applies to content you can access via any of our APIS.

IV. Other Prohibited Uses:

A. No Illegal or Harmful Use - You may not use the services to publish content or engage in activity that is harmful to others or illegal under applicable law, including without limitation in connection with any of the following illegal, harmful or fraudulent activities:
  • disclosing private sensitive personal information about others;
  • distributing malware or other malicious code;
  • hosting or linking to a website intended to deceive the public;
  • ​hosting or linking to an anonymous proxy server;
  • ​infringing upon the intellectual property rights of others. this includes, but is not limited to, the unauthorized copying or distribution of movies, music, books, photographs, software/warez, or any other copyrighted work. 
  • ​phishing or engaging in identity theft;
  • ​no unauthorized system access or network abuse - you may not use the services to gain access into any network or system without permission. 
  • ​intercepting or monitoring data without permission;
  • ​running a file sharing site;
  • ​running any software that interfaces with an irc (internet relay chat) network;
  • ​using any deep-link, page-scrape, robot, crawl, index, spider, offline reader, click spam, macro programs, internet agent, or other automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology which does the same things, to use, access, copy, index, acquire information, generate impressions or clicks, input information, store information, search, generate searches, or monitor any portion of the Company’s websites or servers for any unauthorized purpose.
B. Fraud During Onboarding (Anti-Funnel Hacking Clause):
  • When the course offered is a limited access course destined for a specific demographic group, industry, and or other form of classification:
    a.) you, an employee or agent acting on your behalf, are prohibited of using deception, lies, fraud and other forms of misrepresentations to obtain access to the course when otherwise you would not have been able to gain access.
    b.) the Company will assume that you have fraudulently misrepresented your background with the aim to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the Company. 
    (1) This includes, but is not limited to, the unauthorized copying or distribution of movies, music, books, photographs, software/wares, or any other copyrighted work. 
    (2) This is made extensive to the use of fraud and deception to obtain this Company’s and its clientele’s trade secrets.
      2.   When a user is found to have committed fraud during onboarding they lose any right to access the course content and receive a refund.
      3.   Focused on building “Client” assets such as their own ad managers, putting together third party ad strategies to generate their own data and improve methods to increase realtor relationships. Implementing known strategies to handle their own marketing in-house.

    V. Termination, Generally: 

    A. At our discretion, if we believe you are abusing our terms of service, we reserve the right to ban your account and to restrict all future use of the services. if we ban your account or disable your access to a course due to your violation of these terms you will not be eligible to receive any credit or refund. 
    • If applicable, violations will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
    • ​A failure to respond to an email from our compliance team within forty-eight (48) hours, or as otherwise specified in the email, may result in the suspension or termination of your services.

    VI. Payment Abuse:

    A. When you make a purchase, you agree not to use an invalid or unauthorized payment method. 
    B. If your payment method fails and you still get access to the course you are enrolling in, you agree to pay us the corresponding fees within twenty four (24) hours of notification from us. We reserve the right to disable access to any course for which we have not received adequate payments.

    VII. Limitations Of Liability: 

    A. In all circumstances Company’s maximum liability is limited to the purchase price of the products or services sold.
    B. Company shall not, under any circumstances, be liable upon a claim or action in contract, tort, indemnity or contribution, or other claims relating to the products or services it sells which exceeds this liability limit.
    C. Company shall not be liable for third party claims for damages against the customer, or for malfunction, delays, interruption of service, loss of business, loss or damage to exemplary damages, whether or not Company has been made aware of the possibility of such claims or damages. 
    D. Neither we nor any of our respective licensors or suppliers warrant that any functions contained in the site will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that the site or the server that makes them available are free of viruses or other harmful components.

    VIII. Links: 

    A. We are not responsible for the availability of any other site to which this site links. 
    B. We do not endorse or take responsibility for the contents, advertising, products or other materials made available through any other site. 
    C. Under no circumstances will we be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage that is caused or alleged to have been caused to you in connection with your use of, or reliance on any content, goods or services available on any other site. 
    D. You should direct any concerns to that site’s administrator or webmaster. 
    E. We do not endorse, warrant or guarantee any products or services offered on any third party site. 
    F. We are not a party to, and do not monitor, any transaction between users and third party providers of products or services.

    IX. No Personal Advice: 

    A. The information contained in or made available through our web portal or in our facebook group (including but not limited to information contained on message boards, in text files, in products, from services, or in chats) cannot replace or substitute for the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, psychological, financial, medical, or legal matters. 
    B. You should regularly consult a lawyer in all matters relating to interacting with other people to assure yourself you are behaving in compliance with laws, including but not limited to laws related to harassment, assault or other similar laws.You should regularly consult a lawyer in all matters relating to interacting with other people to assure yourself you are behaving in compliance with laws, including but not limited to laws related to harassment, assault or other similar laws.

    X. Parental Permission:

    A. Minimum age requirement: customer represents and warrants that he or she is at least 18 years old. 
    B. In the event that customer is under 18 years old, customer will immediately discontinue using the products purchased from Company or provide an email proving and confirming that he or she has received parental permission to be a part of this group. 

    XI. Copyright:

    A. All content included on our web portal or any of their sub-domains or other linked websites, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, and software, is the property of Company or its content suppliers and protected by United States and international copyright laws.

    XII. User Participation & Team Information Policy & Terms

    A. General:
    • As a service to our customers, we offer a chance for you to connect with similar folks with similar interests or similar experiences to share information and, more importantly, support one another – or where users can post questions for others to answer. We may also offer online discussions moderated by various experts or other persons. Company has no responsibility for such content, and is merely providing access to such content as a service to you. 
    • ​By their very nature, online discussions may carry offensive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate material, or in some cases, postings that have been mislabeled or are otherwise deceptive. We expect that you will use caution and common sense and exercise proper judgment when using discussion groups, messaging, and facebook.
    B. Participation/ Contribution Requires Consideration: 
    • Any information (including personally identifiable information or other personal information) that you reveal in in an online site, may, by design, be open to the public and in such case may not a private, secure service. 
    • ​You should think carefully before disclosing any information in any forum, group message/post, or facebook, etc. What you write may be seen, disclosed to or collected by third parties and may potentially be used by others in ways we are unable to control or predict, including to contact you for unauthorized purposes. 
    • ​By submitting communications or content online, you agree that such submission is non-confidential for all purposes, unless the Company specifically notes otherwise.

    XIII. Confidential Obligation:

    A. Customer acknowledges that the products and services sold by Company are the confidential and proprietary information and property of Company. as such, customer hereby agrees to protect such products and services as confidential. as a further condition to the license and/or receipt of such products and/or services of the Company by customer, customer agrees it will not, nor allow others, to directly or indirectly copy, distribute, resell, lend, lease, display, teach to others or show these products and/or services to others. a “customer” includes anyone who receives the products or services of Company, even if for free. further, customer agrees that no one may use these products and/or services in any manner without the written approval of Company, except for the customer who has agreed that his/her use is limited to his/her own personal use. 
    B. In the event customer disagrees with these terms, customer must immediately discontinue using the products purchased from Company. 
    C. Anyone viewing or otherwise utilizing the products of Company by such conduct is agreeing to be bound by the terms set forth herein, and as such must immediately comply with the terms of this agreement. 
    D. In the event that Company discloses any portion of its information to the public, it should be understood that anything not publicly disclosed by Company remains information that you have an obligation to protect and maintain as confidential.

    XIV. Grant Of Rights:

    A. To the extent you are the original copyright holder of any post or submission by you to a forum and such post or submission does not contain any of the information or material of Company or other information you are required to preserve as confidential by Company, then: 
    • You remain owner of such post or submission to the extent you were the owner;
    • ​You automatically grant on behalf of yourself or otherwise warrant that the owner of such content or intellectual property has expressly granted Company, a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide non exclusive license to use, reproduce, create derivative works from, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, perform, display, and/or otherwise exploit, the post, submission, communication or content in any media or medium, or any form, format, or forum now known or hereafter developed; and 
    • ​You agree and warrant that Company may sublicense or assign its rights through multiple tiers of sublicenses or assigns.

    XV. No Obligation To Monitor: 

    A. Company does not control the information delivered to the forums, and has no obligation to monitor our private facebook page, or other discussion groups linked to or connected with our web portal. 
    B. However, Company reserves the right at all times to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or lawful governmental request, or to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever, in Company's sole discretion.

    XVI. No Obligation To Remove:

    A. Company is not obligated to remove any content from any sites it administers/owns unless such content violates any civil or criminal laws. 
    B. Any contributions intended for display on Company and course websites or social media pages and groups via any means, whether submitted via http (web), smtp (mail), nntp (newsreader), or otherwise, are presumed to be contributed by the author/contributor with the intent that Company shall have an ongoing non-exclusive right to publish the contributed content for an indefinite amount of time, unless the content submitted was made under an agreement with Company with differing terms or Company has clearly only been provided limited non-exclusive publishing rights (for example, in the case of some exclusively copyrighted newsletter content). If you do not wish to have something that you submit to be published, do not submit it in the first place.
    C. Defamation and objectionable content
    • Note: Company values the freedom of expression and encourages users to be respectful with the content they post. We are generally not in a position to investigate the veracity of individual defamation claims or to determine whether certain material, which we may find objectionable, should be censored. Accordingly, we generally require a court order from a court of competent jurisdiction, as determined by us in its sole discretion, to take down alleged defamatory or objectionable content. However, we reserve the right to disable or remove any content to prevent harm to others or to us, as determined in our sole discretion.

    XVII. no endorsement:

    A. Company does not endorse, support, represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any communications not posted by the owners of our web portal. Company does not endorse any opinions expressed by others on the online sites connected to the main domains. You acknowledge that any reliance on material posted online will be at your own risk.

    XVIII. Company’s right to act:

    A. If Company discovers communications which allegedly do not conform to any terms and conditions of its sites, Company may investigate the allegation and determine in good faith and in its sole discretion whether to remove or request the removal of the communication. Company will have no liability or responsibility for performance or non-performance of such activities. Company reserves the right to terminate or restrict your access to any or all of the online modules, groups, etc. at any time without notice for any reason whatsoever.
    B. We reserve the right to enforce, or not enforce, this terms of service in our sole discretion.

    XIX. Warranties;

    A. All products and services are sold “as-is” or “with all faults”: Company makes no representation or express warranty with respect to the product or service except those stated in this document. 
    B. Company disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, as to any such product or service, including and without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and any implied warranties arising from statute, trade usage, course of dealing, or course of performance. 
    C. All products or services sold through or by Company are sold “as-is” or “with all faults.” 
    D. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of these products or services is with the buyer. 
    E. Should any of these products or services prove defective, do not function, or function improperly in any way following their purchase, the buyer, and not Company, assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing or repair.

    XX. Product Issues:

    A. In the unlikely event that customer experiences problems or has concerns regarding the Company or purchases, please contact us through our website.

    XXI. Refund/return policy: 

    A. Refund and disputes: all one time (1) payments to Company are nonrefundable. this includes the one time setup fee and subsequent charges regardless of usage when applicable.
    B. If the client does not contact the service during the 30 day period, client agrees that the seller may construe silence as a full, complete and final acceptance of the service with no further right of redress or refund for any reason due the client. 
    C. Due to the 1 on 1 help involved with private coaching, there are no refunds on masterclass programs or private consultations as these are considered a service, not a product.
    D. Subscriptions: 
    • All overcharges or billing disputes must be reported within 14 days of the time the dispute occurred. If you dispute a charge to your credit card issuer that, in Company’s sole discretion is a valid charge under the provisions of the tos, you agree to pay Company an "administrative fee" of not less than $50 and not more than $150.
    • ​Customer may request a cancellation of service before the next scheduled payment, after such time. Considering the type of product and service Company provides, a refund of payments made to the payment plan will not be issued. 

    XXII. Privacy Statement 

    A. We are committed to protecting your privacy. 
    B. Authorized employees within the Company on a need to know basis only use any information collected from individual customers. 
    C. We constantly review our systems and data to ensure the best possible service to our team.

    XXIII. Compliance:

    A. We regularly review our compliance with our privacy policy. We also adhere to several self-regulatory policies based on Federal and State law. 
    B. If we believe any unauthorized actions are being taken, we will investigate those actions with a view to prosecute or take civil action to recover damages against those responsible. 
    C. When we receive formal written complaints, we will contact the person who made the complaint to follow up.

    XXIV. About These Terms 

    A. Modification: 
    • Company may modify these terms or any additional terms that apply to you, for example, reflect changes to the law or changes to our services. you should look at the terms regularly. Company will post notice of modifications to these terms on this page. Changes will not apply retroactively and will become effective no sooner than fourteen (14) days after they are posted. however, changes addressing new functions for a service or product, changes made for legal reasons will be effective immediately. if you do not agree to the modified terms for a service, you should discontinue your participation with Company.
    B. Maximum Extent: 
    • All statements of limitation of liability for the benefit of Company, are to be construed to the maximum extent permissible by law.
    C. Conflict of Terms: 
    • If there is a conflict between these terms and the additional terms, the additional terms will control for that conflict.
    D. Waiver: 
    • If you do not comply with these terms, and Company does not take action right away, this doesn’t mean that we are giving up any rights that we may have (such as taking action in the future).
    E. Jurisdiction and Law:
    • If it turns out that a particular term is not enforceable, this will not affect any other terms. the laws of [New York], will apply to any disputes arising out of or relating to these terms or product/services.
    • ​All claims arising out of or relating to these terms or the product/services will be litigated exclusively in the federal or state courts of [New York]
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